St Andrew's, Hempstead


Photograph by Ian Rose, 1999

The church is not of great interest and has been much restored, although it does contain a number of interesting memorials. The tower fell in 1886, but was only partially rebuilt in the early years of the 20th Century. The belfry was added to complete it fairly recently. The North, or Harvey, chapel is of 17th Century brick and contains a number of monuments to the Harvey family who are buried in a vault beneath its floor. Among these is William Harvey who died in 1667. He was chief physician to King Charles I and is noted for his discovery of the circulation of the blood. There is a bust commemorating him. Much restoration, including the completion of the tower, has been carried out within recent years at the expense of the Royal College of Physicians and other medical bodies.

The highwayman, Dick Turpin, was baptised here in 1705.