St Botolph's, Hadstock


Photograph by Ken Rose 1999

This church is one of the most interesting in England and is believed to have been erected by King Canute in 1020 to commemorate his victory over Edmund Ironside at "Assandune" (probably Ashdon nearby) in 1016. The nave and north transcept are practically intact. The 15th Century porch covers the original Saxon entrance doorway which is in the very far east in the wall; the oak door is of the same date and is reputed to have had Danes' skins mailed to it at one time. On either side of the nave, are widely splayed windows of the same age which were not glazed but closed by wooden shutters when first made. The south transcept was rebuilt in the 14th Century and the western tower added about 1450. The chancel was completely rebuilt in 1884.